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My Mum's a Punk!

Life on the mission field produces its own hilarity we were pleased to discover that we could make our own fun and entertainment.
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This is the last effort of the family's musical genius. It should be repeated for as long as the voice holds out. I think it grew out of a comment Jesse made about his mother. The boys hum the tune now (beautiful melody, isn't it?), so it's made quite a hit here.

Talking of here, we are: which is to very scriptural because Jesus is the "I am"; but to put it another way: here is where we are. This present state in which we are happy to find ourselves, has been out state now for 1 whole month. We should probably celebrate, Sr. Mary loves celebrations, actually, most people here are celebrate!!

It's actually very hard to pick up in someone else's shoes the accounting is a dark convoluted mess: not that's the previous Bursar's fault. It's the nature of the beast. Maybe that should be Beast ; as in The Beast : Money.

Did you know that you can take any bank note and divide the serial number by a factor to give the quotient: 666?? It's amazing but true! The mark of the Beast, it's pretty obvious when you think about it, eh?

It's really hard to believe that we are really here. Do you think we'll wake up and find ourselves back in the PALMS orientation course? Now that would be a nightmare! It all still feels quite unreal at times, and at other times it doesn't feel real at all, and in between those two extremes we have periods where reality is a bit thin on the ground. But the people are real, and so are their smiles and handshakes ; their faith too it's amazing. I want it to grow. Jesus loves faith, I find it exciting when I encounter it in people: especially simple faith, I can feel the heart of God warm with love!

  My Mum's a Punk!

  with a capital "P"

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