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Hagen Town: Best Buy
This is another of the main streets of Mt. Hagen. The famous Best Buy is on the corner, Best Buy was the only supermarket type store in Mt. Hagen – and it was not too bad considering. Sure the floors were dirty and all the clothes had to be washed before you wore them (but that was the same for all the stores in Hagen), but they imported some amazing groceries – and when the ship came in, you always bought up big… because it may not be in for another six months!
Behind the greenery and the fence on the left is the telikom building [scene of my weekly fighting with Telikom to fix our phone system, see Now we're really talking: Telikom PNG!], which was the tallest building in Hagen I think, and had penthouse type flats at the top! Brian Bell is at the other end of the street on the same side as Best Buy. For other photos of Mt Hagen see: Hagen PNGBC and Main Street: Mt. Hagen.