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Mowbray Christmas Letter: 1999

Can you believe it! Twelve months ago we did the massive family survey [see The 1998 Mowbray Christmas Letter]; twenty-four months ago, it was the change of address to PNG. And now, it's another change of address: back to Australia! Our time here is all but finished. Most people write about how quickly the last 12 months has gone in their Christmas letters, but how can two years disappear so fast? When I did the survey last year, I had grand plans of a similar one to follow up a year latter. Quite interesting to see the changes in perception and character. But it's too much work. So, I've just done two questions!

The Survey


What will you miss most about PNG?

What are you looking forward to most in Australia?


The people and the informality

Our new house!


The friendly people.

Seeing old friends, ice cream.


Pidgin, the friendliness of other expatriates (esp. missionaries)

Organized sport, bike riding & inexpensive cooking ingredients.


Relaxed Saturday mornings, the friendliness of people, the sense of the unexpected.

Food we've cooked ourselves, not having to be constantly on my guard against pickpockets.


The relaxed lifestyle. The vibrancy of the bush churches.

Telephones that work, relative safety in the street.

Check Last Year's Answers

What do you enjoy doing most in PNG?
What will you miss most about Papua New Guinea when you move back to Australia?

What do you miss most leaving Australia?

When we were discussing these questions, we came to realize that when we go back, we will be leaving a home in PNG, and our memories of home in Australia are two years out of date! It is said that culture shock is greater on the homeward journey. It is an unwinnable situation to try and go back to two years ago.

Highlights of our Two Years in Papua New Guinea
How do you condense megabytes of description into a small paragraph? I can't&

Our Plans for the Future?
As you read this, we will probably be still packing our bags for the return journey; still wondering, still dreaming, trying to think about all the pen friends we'll gain rather than the friends we'll miss. When we finally reach Sydney, we'll immediately turn around and head north to my mother's place. Christmas will be spent with my family. Our immediate temporary address can be found over the page. After that, it's all a bit hazy not only for what we think may happen, but also for what we'd like to happen! The New Year will bring a new job, a new house, new schools, and new neighbours. Somewhere: God knows where! May He bless you abundantly this coming year. The Advent promises the biggest blessing: that of His presence. It is a revelation of Jesus' Will and Desire to be with us, close to us, intimate with us. May this year Jesus become closer to you, and may you receive the Grace and Freedom to become intimate with Jesus in this year of Jubilee.