Western Australian Day Walks

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Living in NSW it's a pretty time consuming exercise to do a WA Day Walk -- so you'd wonder why we'd even try? The fact is that my Father and Step Mother moved to Western Australia some years ago, which meant that the reasons to do some WA Day Walks were stacking up:

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bushwalking.jpg, 1.0kB Forest Wonders - Shannon National Park
This walk, comprised of 3 tiny walks done as a single loop, was one of the greatest surprises of our 2009 holiday. Some of this impression is borrowed from the great campsite at Shannon. The WA Nation Parks are generally well set up, but Shannon was a wonderful surprise with gas and wood BBQs, toilets and hot showers! There were even two rough cabins that can be used (on a first come first served basis): this could be handy in case of severe weather.

The walk is well signposted and it'd be difficult to get lost. It's also a very easy walk and mis-rated I think -- Class 4 for the Rocks Walktrail was rediculous we though. You can view our walk by any of the following methods:


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