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I Know Sandi

I've started working on a new piece, which has the working title of I Know Sandi. It's felt very good to get my teeth into something with a little bit of traction: since the recent medical hiccups life has felt a little discombobulated...

Not much to say yet, I'm still collecting bits and pieces... but it will be multimedia; somewhat like the wedding mosaics I did for Keren & Danni and Nat & Mon... though with a stronger animation component.

ps: It's a secret — don't tell Sandi &#59;)

Oh, that reminds me... if you have some photos of Sandi that you wouldn't mind me using you could email them to me.

Stay tuned?

Tags: animation, art
  31/05/14 09:00:00 pm, by scribbly   , 113 words, Categories: Announcements, Creative, Graphics, Family ,


Comment from: perry [Member]  

This is turning out to be a much bigger project than what I thought… though I’m hopeful that Monday may see it finished.

11/07/14 @ 16:00
Comment from: perry [Member]  

After a difficult day (most not in front of the computer), the project is finally finished!

All I need to do now, well, later today (after a sleep), is to burn it to a DVD (and maybe YouTube)… and I’ll be able to perform it for Sandi at dinner tonight :)

Oh… and its title is: A Soul to Walk With

19/07/14 @ 05:34