Bibbulmun Track 2011 :: Day 20

Bibbulmun Track 2011 :: Day 20

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Collie :: Rest Day

A rest day -- with nothing to do but to wander and relax and eat and have fun.

Perry wrote:

Great big breakfast of sausage, egg, beans, tomato and mushroom; and many, many cups of tea! Woke just before 6:00am and got up to do batteries and have a really wonderful hot, long shower: bliss.

Collie is an interesting camping ground (each one is quite different).: the kitchen is well stocked with everything you'd need (except a can opener or a grater) -- but the backpacker accommodation (which shares the kitchen) is somewhat less than what you'd expect. Tent site is great though, with good weed cover and early sun.

The weather forecast for today is for possible thunderstorm, but it's bright, clear blue skies at the moment. Monday is possible thunderstorm too and colder (25°c), with showers for the rest of the week -- looking forward to getting our rain jackets sussed tomorrow.

I was a little disappointed with my laksa yesterday -- although absolutely delicious, it lacked vegetables and had too much meat. I think I should have asked for something vegetarian instead -- I heard another patron ask, which is when I realised... must remember for the future cafe meals.

Sandi wrote:

It's been a very relaxed day in downtown Collie. Had a great sleep, P got up to have a cup of tea and shower and I kept a full bladder at bay and dosed some more. Emerged eventually and we had our breakfast and yes it did live up to our hopes. Pottered around cleaning up, we even toasted up the 2 old tortillas to have with the egg.

I headed for the shower and it was great. Soap powder residue on clothes a spot harsh on sensitive skin, but a good wash sure helps. Herbal style conditioner garbage, but hair is clean. Clouds were accumulating so we decided to head into town sooner rather than later.

Sandi wrote:

Headed off and sussed DEC hours (8am open Monday), then into town; Newsagent closed, past where markets were. Only one vendor selling a range of plants and a pumpkin! Headed to river walk, started at Soldiers' Park; fabulous with toilets, good equipment plus some gym equipment. Like most gardens here: well kept. Went on over bridge and round to swing bridge: many steps less swing than Cox's River one, but some bounce. Saw some Mundi Biddi Track riders.

Sandi wrote:

Headed back along river to Arboretum and enjoyed it much more than expected. Quite neat though needing some replanting and relabelling. Meant to be flood lit at night, so may return. Wandered along to next bridge (past rail bridge and small wharf) and had apples and SSSS. Very nice. I thought this bridge looked more like the picture they had in the brochure of Coop Bridge, which they'd labelled as the other one.

Sandi wrote:

Headed over it and back along track. Passed a hazardous 'Hot Ash' apparently where coal in ground is doing a slow burn, very mysterious. Utilised the toilets in the park before a welcome coffee at Jimendy's Cafe, quite pleasant though coffee not overly strong. Weather still fine despite many dark clouds coming and going. Wandered to bakery and sussed some vegetarian rolls in rice paper with dripping sauce and a little something for supper. Headed over the railway line and looked at other side of town: Council, McDonalds, swimming pool, library -- all rather prosperous but occasional very run down look. more pubs, one with 'Shiraz' tonight. Is this a drink, a band, a singer, a stripper? If over for trees, may pop in.

Food Room Service
Restaurant / Cafe Total S P S P S P
Jimendy's Cafe 3.8 4 4 4 4 4 4

Sandi wrote:

Headed back to camp via Anglican Church: it has murals, quite impressive, but it wasn't open for us to see. Outside quite imposing. Quite tired and glad of a sit down on return. Washing almost dry, socks yet to finish. clouds keep going over. Lunch light and nice, good choice.

ttps://" height="108" width="144" title="More photos like this one are available in the Web Album" border="0" />

Perry wrote:

Because the recent weather has been so cloudy and inclement, the FUSE has not been fully charged for ages. This means, for the GPS batteries, that they get nearly fully charged when the FUSE runs out; even though the GPS reports them as 4 bars, they are not completely full. Especially walking under canopy makes charging difficult. The day off today has meant that the FUSE can sit in the one position and soak up all the sun it wants (today -- except for our 3.5 hour walk into town). This morning it went from 1 to 3 lights in the morning in a couple of hours. This afternoon has had more passing clouds (morning was cloudless) and eventually it got to 3 lights after starting @3 @ 1:30 (too cloudy).

There is something definitely wrong with my left foot: there is a lump between the big toe and the 4th toe on the ball. It's about there where I get the sharp pain when they are tired. I can feel it when walking in my sandals. The right foot has one too -- but much smaller.

This afternoon we moved the tent (kari na go -- the benefits of a self-supporting tent) into a position that will get the early sun to dry the dew.

Spent a very relaxed afternoon getting things ready for heading off again tomorrow:

Perry wrote:

Started sorting out our packs and disposing of torn plastic bags or dirty clip-locks. It's now 4pm and Sandi has started with dinner: a steak with heaps of vegetables! Did better with lunch today: getting a vegetarian filled noodle (x3) at the Vietnamese bakery (who says Collie is hicksville?) We've found it great, and there's many testaments on the track of their early adoption and building efforts. It also has the Munda Bindi Trail! It doesn't look like it's competing in the Tidy Town competition though.

Perry wrote:

The Arboretum was awesome -- may go back tonight for a look at it lit -- but it's a couple of decades past the point when some rejuvenation works and replanting could have been done (I'm going to email the Council and suggest some work).

Soap (laundry) was missing from the food parcel -- will it be in Balingup?? i.e. put in the wrong bag, or missed all together?

Collie River Valley Tourist Park 33.9
Essentials 14.9
Showers / Toilet 3.5
Kitchen 4.0
Laundry 4.0
Shop / Close to Town / Shops 3.4
Optionals 19.0
Dining / Activity 3.5
Tent Site 4.0
Kitchen Utensils 4.8
Park Ambience 3.5
Staff Helpfulness 3.3
Shop 0.0
Close to Town 3.0
Town Shops 3.8
Dinner was a wonderful production in this well equipped kitchen, which we both enjoyed preparing and eating :), even if the 'dining' room lacked ambiance.

The rain came and went after dinner, but finally around 8pm it cleared and we could see starts. So tempted with the thought of getting some lovely photos of the arboretum lit at night, we headed down to town again...

Perry wrote:

Well, that was a disappointment!! The stars were out, so we headed down to the arboretum to see it lit by night. It started raining before we got to town, where we continued under awnings -- only to find that the lights were NOT lit. So walk home in the drizzle that came and went and now we're having super in front of the heater drying our clothes that our rain jackets have not kept dry!

Well, that should get fixed tomorrow...

A very successful day, where we ate and washed ourselves (with abandon) and ate and went for a great wander around town and ate. Everything's as packed and ready for tomorrow's departure as it can be: I'm still topping up batteries (they'd got pretty low) and it looks like we'll be setting off fully charged (which is good because the weather's not sounding too good). Tomorrow we'll finally sort out our wet weather gear at the camping store. We also need to do something with Sandi's socks which have totally failed over the three weeks: unbelievable (they'll definitely be going back to Mountain Designs for a refund).

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