Bibbulmun Track :: Preparations - Week Minus 2

Bibbulmun Track :: Preparations - Week Minus 2

 posted on Aug 23, 2011 by scribbly in Recreation, Bushwalking, Bibbulmun Track, Preparations

A tough weekend this week with a "hard walk" in South Springwood to Martins & Bunyan Lookouts, then an easy "wander" around the old Newington Armory with Nat and Mon. Sandi has already warned me that singing our Walking to Albany Song may result in my early death if I continue... XX(

It was a cooler day on Saturday, and at one point leading up to the day we thought we may be doing it in full wet weather gear; as it was I decided to try out my new Mountain Hardware shirts. It's the first time that I've walked with long sleeve shirts, but decided when buying them that long sleeve gave considerable flexibility in not quite cold, not quite hot weather.

Sandi says that the Martins Lookout loop is one of the most beautiful she's done. It probably was one of the hardest, as she "accidentally" put too much in her pack and ended up dragging far too many kilograms around in Saturday. Consequentially, she was exhausted by the end of the walk.

The two main climbs were both about the same ~200 odd metres, but it wasn't the total climb, but the steepness that had its effect.

On Sunday we spent the day with Nat and Monica, as it was Nat's birthday, first walking up to Mass then down to Newington Armory, where we also had lunch at the Armory Wharf Cafe.

For the rest of the week, we'll be starting our two-stage packing: the first stage is gathering everything on the list into the sun room and checking it (cutting excess labels off, charging batteries, etc). Stage two is packing everything in the sun room into packs.

Final email checks with DEC Bibbulmun contacts before heading across the country (though we hope to call into the DEC offices along the way to catch any updates).

I wonder if this is how an astronaut feels? It's 11 sleeps to go and the countdown is loud in my heart...


Comment from: meredith [Visitor]

Hello….I was wondering if when I see you next if Sandi could temporarily put her fingers in her ears and sing “la la la” while you sing the walking to Albany song???

24/08/11 @ 00:52
Comment from: scribbly [Member]  

LOL: Sandi really does like the song… just not the whole day long &#59;)

And it definitely sounds better with two… and one more makes three!!

24/08/11 @ 01:00
Comment from: Paul Fahey [Visitor]
Paul Fahey

I’m watching you

24/08/11 @ 22:09
Comment from: scribbly [Member]  

Someone has to Paul, and I’m glad you are!

25/08/11 @ 00:06
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