Well that was fun, but the hard work has begun

 posted on Sep 29, 2015 by scribbly in Great North Walk, Bushwalking, Australian Alpine Walks, AAWT

It's hard to believe that a two week walk over 287km can feel too short — but it did :-/

…and now we're busy putting things together for the Australian Alps Walking Trail (which the GNW was the precursor for anyway &#59;))

Actually, we've been so busy that there's not been time to put a post together for the walk, but G+ has done an OK job with its Story of the photos… but we've had to replace some broken items and boost some items that didn't perform as well as we'd expected…

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Great North Walk :: Itinerary 2015

 posted on Aug 20, 2015 by scribbly in Announcements, Recreation, Great North Walk, Bushwalking

After a somewhat gruelling lead up to Day 1, we should be on the first train out of the Mountains and heading up to Queens Wharf on the foreshore of Newcastle to start the first day of 14 days walking that should end up in Macquarie Park in Sydney.

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The Great North Walk... coming ready or not!

 posted on Aug 18, 2015 by scribbly in Recreation, Great North Walk, Bushwalking, Newnes, Preparations

Well... our training for the GNW has felt just a little rushed, like falling in at the deep end (that first week was a real shock to the system), but it's the time that we had – I hope we've made good use of it… I'm certainly starting to feel physically ready (though I haven't been relishing heading out with 25kg on my back to climb up and down 1km each weekend, but I did find the last week extremely enjoyable with only 20kg on my back, so I guess it's got to be working B)).

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Food Packing for the Great North Walk

 posted on Aug 13, 2015 by scribbly in Recreation, Great North Walk, Bushwalking

Last Saturday I spent the day (and some of the night) putting our food together for the Great North Walk: combining the muesli – mixing the scroggin – measuring out the Track Snacks – divvying out the food packets… and then combining it all into two food drops.

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We are back... we're just busy planning our next walk

 posted on Apr 28, 2015 by scribbly in Announcements, Recreation, Bushwalking, Australian Alpine Walks, AAWT

The Kosciuszko Hut Tour seems so long ago now :oops: but as a taster it seems to have had an effect: we decided that the longer AAWT is worth doing now rather than later :D It was a great walk though: camping on Kosciuszko and having breakfast at dawn on the summit was particularly nice… I may still blog, but here are some photos.

So, we've came home and dived into planning (booking holidays, etc), itinerising (getting the walk into days), gear purchasing (trying to lighten our packs as much as possible and allow for wider extremes of weather)... whilst trying not to get too excited.

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The Best Scroggin (Trail Mix) in the World

 posted on Feb 10, 2015 by scribbly in Recreation, Bushwalking, Recipe

After coming off the Bibbulmun Track and eating the same scroggin (trail mix) for 53 days straight, we were generally pretty happy with the basic recipe: Nuts / Dried Fruit / Seeds (no lollies or chocolate).

When we started training for the Great North Walk we wanted to refine the recipe so started rating the various incarnations… that walk didn't eventuate, but when we started again for the Kosciuszko Hut Tour, we started our rating again; and in due course, quite surprisingly, we started rating the scroggin at 98%!

So, we seem to have arrived at what we think is The Best Scroggin in the World :p

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Kosciuszko Hut Tour :: Main Range Circuit Itinerary

 posted on Feb 2, 2015 by scribbly in Recreation, Bushwalking, Australian Alpine Walks, Main Range Circuit

Here is our itinerary for our Snowy Mountains Hike, which in some ways is a bit like a tour of Kosciuszko Huts (apart from the longer Main Range Circuit), but it'll hopefully be a nice dip into our Alpine Tracks (which you never know where it'll lead &#59;) ).

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The End of Training :: Final Preparations

 posted on Feb 2, 2015 by scribbly in Recreation, Bushwalking, Preparations, Main Range Circuit

It seems like a long preparation, but we've finally got to the second last weekend and we thought it'd be nice to go for a weightless jaunt out into the Grose Valley: So we decided to head down Horse Track from Evans Lookout and back around to Beauchamp Falls—then add on Grand Canyon up to Neates Glen. We didn't carry much weight apart from water, so pushed as hard as we could, taking about 4 hours all up (I must admit that the legs today feel like that I did punish them a little).

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Kanangra Walls to Katoomba :: The Pain and the Ecstasy

 posted on Jan 29, 2015 by scribbly in Bushwalking, Preparations, Main Range Circuit

We were looking forward to this walk for sometime… too many over-night walks, not enough time in the wilderness and maybe a real need for a wee break?

We were expecting a difficult walk, but were surprised how difficult it turned out to be. I was amazed to see that the last month has seen some of the hardest walks I've recorded (using our own personal rating scheme: calculated using length–pack weight–ascent–descent). This week's is #3, but the calculation doesn't take account of weather conditions :-/ and they can have a large impact (the first day stands out in that respect).

But back to the beginning of Saturday, we were waiting in the backyard for Jesse and Briony to drive us out to Kanangra Walls (We'd allowed 3 hours, but it only took 2 and a bit hours :) )…

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SteriPen :: The Tale of Two Walks

 posted on Jan 27, 2015 by scribbly in Technology, Bushwalking

SteriPen ClassisTwo SteriPen experiences from the last two weekends: the first from last weekend on a very local walk (Mt Solitary) and the second, this weekend, more of a wilderness walk from Kanangra Walls back to Katoomba.

We've been very happy with our SteriPen (Classic), although we did have a few issues with the first one (which was replaced as faulty), and has worked flawlessly ever since. This weekend gave somewhat different result…

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